If you are looking for a company to undertake refurbishment in your home, then PF Contractors have a proven track record for completing work to the highest standard.

We understand the importance of sitting with our customers in order to get a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. A detailed design will be drawn out for the prospective work, taking all your specific needs into account. From undertaking minor refurbishment work in a single room to completely refurbishing your home, our skilled craftsmanship ensures all work is completed to an exceptional level.  With experience of undertaking a wide range of refurbishment work, you can have complete confidence that each project is completed on time, on budget and to exceed your expectations.

By choosing PF Contractors, you will be provided with a one stop shop, because we can have qualified electricians, plumbers, plasterers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters and decorators, who ensure that all the work is conducted and completed to an exemplary standard. With a fine attention to detail, we make sure that our customer’s requirements are reached on every project. This alleviates the stress of having to find various tradesmen to undertake each task, who can participate on the project to ensure it is completed on time.